21 Spices

Indian cuisine is known for featuring a wide array of spices in the dishes, and the name of this restaurant plays on that aptly named 21 Spices. Located in Naples it is one of the best contemporary Indian Restaurants in Naples.

21 Spices
Food & Drink

The dinner menu has entrees like tandoori Pacific salmon, spicy sikandari lamb shank, or the classic chicken tikka masala. Not to worry for those who are vegan and vegetarian 21 Spices has a dedicated vegan menu with delicious dishes like Anuli’s vegetable tikka masala, aloo gobi, and green bean vindaloo. Making this one of the restaurants in Florida perfect for those looking for a vegetarian option!

Inside the restaurant there is a wall dedicated to showcasing the myriad of spices used in not only the restaurant but in Indian cuisine as well. 21 Spices has a unique and inviting atmosphere created with dim mood lighting and Indian-inspired light fixtures.