Aba Miami

Aba, a Mediterranean restaurant with locations in Chicago, Austin, and Bal Harbour, offers a menu inspired by regions like Israel and Greece, curated by Chef CJ Jacobson, alongside a unique selection of rare Mediterranean wines and spirits.

Aba Miami
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Aba, a renowned Mediterranean dining establishment, boasts locations in Chicago, Illinois; Austin, Texas; and Bal Harbour, Florida. The name "Aba," translating to "father" in Hebrew, reflects the essence of Chef CJ Jacobson's culinary philosophy, which emphasizes a lighter approach to cooking. This philosophy is beautifully interwoven with flavors and techniques from various Mediterranean regions, such as Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece, offering a diverse and rich menu. To complement the exquisite food, the restaurant's bar program presents an exceptional selection of Mediterranean-inspired wines and spirits, carefully chosen to enhance the dining experience with their rarity and quality.