ABBA's Agnetha and Björn Reveal Heartbreaking Parenting Moment in New Documentary

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ABBA's Agnetha and Björn Reveal Heartbreaking Parenting Moment in New Documentary
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ABBA's Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus open up about the challenges of balancing parenthood and superstardom in the new documentary, ABBA: AGAINST ALL ODDS, which premiered on The CW on May 11. The documentary provides an intimate look at how the iconic pop duo navigated their rise to fame and family life.

After winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest with their hit "Waterloo," Fältskog and Ulvaeus returned home to find their daughter, Linda, didn’t recognize them. This heart-wrenching moment is recounted in the documentary, highlighting the toll their busy lifestyle took on their young family.

The couple, who began dating in 1969 and married in 1971, welcomed two children during their time together: daughter Linda Elin, now 51, and son Peter Christian, now 47. They later divorced in 1980 but remained influential figures in the music industry.

A Challenging Balancing Act

Fältskog, now 74, described the early years of parenthood as "a difficult time" due to the simultaneous demands of her career and motherhood. "We got our daughter in '73, so she was just one year old when we won in Brighton," she explained. "Everything happened at the same time. But that often is like that, I think. You start your career at the same time you want to be a mother."

Ulvaeus, now 79, recalled the difficulty of being away from their baby for the competition. "When we came back, our daughter didn’t recognize us. That was a tough experience," he shared, with Fältskog adding, "That was horrible. She was so small.”

The Struggle Between Fame and Family

Fältskog acknowledged the conflict between her roles as a mother and a pop star. "It’s hard work, and you always get them to be conscious. She wants me and ABBA wants me," she said. "It’s very hard to do it all."

The couple's efforts to manage their family life included traveling separately when possible. This strategy was highlighted in archival footage showing Ulvaeus explaining, “When we fly, because we have a daughter who is 3-and-a-half years old, we try to fly separately when we can." Fältskog's fear of flying, exacerbated by her parental responsibilities, also played a role in their travel arrangements.

A Lasting Legacy

The documentary also delves into the making of ABBA's hit "The Winner Takes It All," which was released shortly after Fältskog and Ulvaeus' divorce. The song, from their 1980 album Super Trouper, reflects the personal turmoil they experienced. "Going through divorce is difficult, as anyone would know who’s done it. That was of course taking up my thoughts. But there was not one winner in the case of us," Ulvaeus noted.

ABBA: AGAINST THE ODDS captures the band's storied career and the personal sacrifices behind their success. It explores the complexities of their relationships and the powerful music they created together, offering fans a deeper understanding of the iconic group's journey.