Adele's Latest Obsession: Sabrina Carpenter's Hit 'Espresso' Is Her Jam!

The 'Easy on Me' singer can't get enough of Sabrina Carpenter's catchy tune, even joking about singing it during her bedtime routine.

Adele's Latest Obsession: Sabrina Carpenter's Hit 'Espresso' Is Her Jam!
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Adele has found a new favorite song, and it's none other than Sabrina Carpenter's "Espresso." During her residency performance in Las Vegas, the 36-year-old British singer took a moment to share her love for Carpenter's hit single, much to the delight of her audience.

As captured in a fan video, Adele humorously recounted how adjusting back to Las Vegas' time zone after a break had some unexpected effects on her. "I nearly pissed myself because my whole body clock was out of sync," she admitted, drawing laughs from the crowd at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on May 18. She then detailed her nightly routine, including warming down her voice and taking a steam shower, before hopping into bed.

"Last night, I found myself singing, 'I'm working late, 'cause I'm a singer,'" she continued, crooning the lyrics from Carpenter's "Espresso." Adele confessed, "That song is my jam!" She praised the catchy tune, adding that she couldn't sing along when it first came out because she was on vocal rest. "It came out and I couldn't talk!" she exclaimed. "So since my voice has come back, all last night and this morning, that's what I've been singing."

Adele's playful recount didn't stop there. Before resuming her performance, she quipped, "From tomorrow, it will be like, 'I'm sleeping late 'cause I'm a singer,' because that's what I'm gonna do tomorrow."

Carpenter quickly responded to Adele's praise with a cheeky post on X, formerly Twitter: "All I read was Adele thinks about me in bed <3."

Adele is currently wrapping up her Weekends with Adele residency, which will conclude on June 15. She began the residency in November 2022 and has taken a few short breaks, including a stint on vocal rest in February 2024 due to illness.

Meanwhile, Carpenter made her debut on Saturday Night Live on May 18, performing "Espresso" on a bar-themed set and later singing a medley of "Feather" and "Nonsense." Her hit single "Espresso" has been climbing the charts, spending the last month in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

With Adele's endorsement, it looks like "Espresso" is set to brew even more success!