Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell: All About the TikTok Star and NFL Player’s Relationship

Isaac Rochell and Allison Kuch have been together for nearly a decade.

Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell: All About the TikTok Star and NFL Player’s Relationship
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Rochell and Kuch – whose real name is Allison Kucharczyk – met when they were both sophomores at their respective colleges. The two dated while Rochell attended school in Indiana and Kuch studied in Michigan. Their long-distance relationship continued after Rochell was drafted to the Los Angeles Chargers and Kuch finished her degree.

Fast forward, the duo secretly eloped in December 2020 before they held an official ceremony in April 2021. After two and a half years of marriage, Rochell and Kuch announced in June 2023 that they are expecting their first baby together.

Despite their relationship being a fixture of their social media presence, Kuch said during a February 2023 appearance on the RealPod with Victoria Garrick that there are certain elements she doesn’t share with fans.

“We have a very strong relationship, we’ve been together eight years and I’m not scared to share any part of that,” she explained. “But I’ve learned that I like the privacy of our relationship to a certain extent, as well as other parts of my life that are private like family, and our children one day. There’s a level of things I’m willing to share.”

Kuch has also been candid about her husband’s career and how it affects her own life, as well as her career as a content creator. She opened up to the New York Post in February 2023 about her decision to start posting more about their life online, gaining nearly 3 million followers (and counting) on TikTok.

“I started on social media just sharing my life about me and my husband and our journey together because so many people are like, ‘He’s in the NFL, not you,’ but his lifestyle definitely affects mine," she told the outlet.

From meeting as teenagers to becoming soon-to-be parents, here’s everything to know about Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell’s relationship.