Amara at Paraiso

Amara at Paraiso, inspired by its stunning bayside location, embodies the essence of Miami dining by combining bold Latin American flavors with local ingredients and the city's diverse culinary culture, offering an authentic waterfront dining experience as envisioned by James Beard Award-winning Chef & Owner Michael Schwartz.

Amara at Paraiso
Food & Drink

Nestled in a picturesque bayside location, Amara at Paraiso perfectly encapsulates the essence of Miami by marrying bold Latin American flavors with the freshest coastal ingredients, reflecting the city's diverse food culture. This quintessential Miami waterfront dining destination is designed to showcase the vibrant energy, local produce, and stunning natural surroundings of Biscayne Bay, offering an experience that truly represents the lifestyle and culinary spirit of Miami.

Michael Schwartz, the renowned James Beard Award-winning Chef & Owner, passionately states, “AMARA at PARAISO is about the dynamic energy, local ingredients, and natural beauty that defines why we live in Miami, and why so many love to visit. We are in the unique position to bring it all together, creating a sense of place that only exists here.” This statement underscores Amara at Paraiso's commitment to delivering an authentic Miami dining experience, where guests can enjoy the city's dynamic energy, local ingredients, and the natural beauty of its waterfront setting, all coming together to create a memorable culinary journey.