Angelina Jolie Ordered to Release Eight Years' Worth of NDAs in Brad Pitt Winery Court Battle

Angelina Jolie's legal tussle with Brad Pitt over Château Miraval has taken another turn as a judge ruled that she must hand over eight years' worth of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in their ongoing court case.

Angelina Jolie Ordered to Release Eight Years' Worth of NDAs in Brad Pitt Winery Court Battle
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Judge Lia Martin's ruling, issued on May 16 in Los Angeles Superior Court, demands Jolie to produce all non-privileged documents related to Pitt's requests within 60 days. Pitt's legal team argues that these NDAs are crucial to understanding Jolie's reasons for breaching contractual obligations when she sold her shares in the winery.

A source close to Pitt views this ruling as a significant blow to Jolie's credibility, suggesting that it challenges her claims and demands accountability. Jolie's attorney, Paul Murphy, asserts their willingness to comply, stating that they are "more than happy to turn them over."

However, Murphy pushes back against Pitt's last-minute demand, stressing that these NDAs differ from those covering Pitt's alleged personal misconduct. He emphasizes that the ruling allows for transparency in exploring all issues related to Pitt's behavior, welcoming the opportunity to shed light on the truth.

This latest development unfolds amidst a complex legal battle between the former couple, with Pitt's team accusing Jolie of withholding documents. The court order specifies the production of NDAs spanning from 2014 to February 17, 2022, dismissing Jolie's objections regarding their relevance.

As the legal proceedings continue, both sides are striving to present their cases convincingly. Pitt's lawyers recently submitted a declaration from a former security company owner, alleging interference in witness testimony related to their custody battle.

The battle over Château Miraval underscores broader issues of power and control, with each party seeking to establish their narrative. Jolie's attorney maintains that her actions aim for separation and well-being, while Pitt's team seeks to demonstrate Jolie's familiarity with NDAs to counter claims of unconscionable behavior.

As the legal saga unfolds, the focus remains on unraveling the complexities of their dispute and reaching a resolution that serves the interests of both parties.