Anyone But You' Stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Join Natasha Bedingfield for a Musical Moment at the People's Choice Awards

The track holds a central role in the romantic comedy 'Anyone But You,' starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell

Anyone But You' Stars Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Join Natasha Bedingfield for a Musical Moment at the People's Choice Awards
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Natasha Bedingfield Surprises at the 2024 People's Choice Awards with a Performance of "Unwritten" Alongside Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell

The 2024 People’s Choice Awards witnessed an unexpected musical delight when Natasha Bedingfield made a show-stopping entrance to perform her hit "Unwritten" with Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

While presenting the award for female country artist, the duo, aged 26 and 35 respectively, hinted at their on-screen chemistry from the romantic comedy 'Anyone But You.' In a memorable scene from the movie, Powell's character, Ben, conquers his fear of heights by belting out Bedingfield’s iconic 2004 anthem.

Amid their presentation, Sweeney playfully checked on Powell, asking, “You alright, Glen?” To which Powell admitted, “Yeah, it’s just seeing all these faces... gets me a bit nervous.”

Sensing his discomfort, Sweeney offered a familiar remedy, “Want me to do that thing that helps you chill?” Promptly, she led the audience into a spirited call for “Unwritten,” setting the stage for Bedingfield's surprise appearance.

"Glen Powell's Peaceful Tune Falls Short, Leading to a Natasha Bedingfield Surprise at the People's Choice Awards

Despite the crowd's enthusiastic response, Glen Powell admitted, “My serenity song isn’t cutting it,” as Sydney Sweeney's attempt to soothe his nerves with another round of the audience singing “Unwritten” proved insufficient.

Deciding it was time for a more dramatic approach, Sweeney announced, “Okay, then it’s time to bring out the big guns.” This cue heralded Natasha Bedingfield's grand entrance. The singer, at 42, joined the stage for a captivating rendition of her beloved hit, with Sweeney, Powell, and the audience all chiming in for a memorable performance.

In 'Anyone But You,' Powell and Sweeney portray former friends turned adversaries, their relationship tarnished by a misunderstanding. However, a shared obligation at a destination wedding in Australia forces them into a pretend romance that unexpectedly turns real, showcasing their undeniable rapport. This on-screen chemistry generated significant buzz, with Sweeney remarking to PEOPLE in December, “I mean, we sold a rom-com. We were just filming a fun, amazing movie.”

The film was a contender for The Comedy Movie of the Year at the People's Choice Awards, though 'Barbie' clinched the title, and both Sweeney and Powell were nominated for The Comedy Movie Star of the Year, a category won by Jennifer Lawrence for 'No Hard Feelings'."