Ariana Grande’s Ex-Husband Dalton Gomez Goes Instagram Official with Maika Monroe

Dalton Gomez and Maika Monroe have taken their relationship to the next level by going Instagram official.

Ariana Grande’s Ex-Husband Dalton Gomez Goes Instagram Official with Maika Monroe
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On Sunday, June 9, the It Follows star, 31, shared a series of photos on her Instagram, marking a significant moment in her romance with Gomez, 28, who was previously married to pop sensation Ariana Grande.

Monroe's Instagram post, which she simply captioned with a star emoji, opened with a striking image of the couple sharing a kiss in a crosswalk. In the photo, Monroe is seen standing on her tiptoes to reach Gomez, encapsulating a moment of affection and spontaneity. This romantic shot set the tone for the rest of the photo dump, which provided glimpses into their blossoming relationship.

The final slide of the post featured a golden-hour snapshot of Monroe and Gomez snuggled together in front of a sea view. Both dressed in casual, all-black outfits, the couple looked comfortable and at ease, highlighting their growing connection. This public display of affection marks the first time they have appeared together on Monroe's main Instagram feed, although she has previously shared temporary photos of Gomez on her Instagram Stories.

Their relationship was first hinted at in October 2023 when they were spotted kissing in photos obtained by TMZ. Since then, the pair has been seen together on multiple occasions, including a PDA-filled appearance at Los Angeles’ LAX airport last month, captured by several media outlets.

Dalton Gomez's previous high-profile relationship with Ariana Grande adds an intriguing backdrop to his new romance. Gomez and Grande's relationship gained significant attention during the pandemic, with the couple getting engaged in December 2020 and tying the knot in an intimate ceremony in May 2021. Despite their seemingly fairy-tale romance, they separated, and PEOPLE confirmed their split in July 2023, with their divorce being finalized in March 2024. Grande has since moved on and is now dating her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater.

Maika Monroe, renowned for her roles in horror films like It Follows, was previously linked to Stranger Things star Joe Keery. Monroe and Keery made their relationship public in October 2017, frequently appearing together on red carpets and social media. Their relationship ended sometime between 2022 and 2023. Keery, 32, opened up about the breakup for the first time in a June 6 interview with Variety, reflecting on how he coped with the split while working on the fifth season of Fargo in Calgary. "I had also gone through a big breakup, right as I was leaving Rome,” he shared, “so I was really isolated and focused on my work.”

The timing of Monroe and Gomez's relationship reveal is notable, coming amid their respective ex-partners moving on and making headlines. Their Instagram debut has sparked interest among fans and followers, curious about how their relationship will unfold in the public eye.

In the entertainment world, where relationships are often under intense scrutiny, Monroe and Gomez's decision to go public on social media marks a new chapter for both. The move signifies a level of seriousness and commitment, suggesting that they are ready to face the public's curiosity and support as a couple.

Their relationship highlights how personal and professional lives intertwine in Hollywood, with both Monroe and Gomez balancing their careers and personal happiness. As they continue to share their journey, fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on their evolving romance, eager to see what the future holds for this new celebrity couple.