Avril Lavigne Declares Herself ‘F---ing Awesome’ in Relationships: ‘I Would Date Me’

Pop-punk queen Avril Lavigne opens up about love, self-worth, and her upcoming Greatest Hits tour, revealing she’s a catch both on and off stage.

Avril Lavigne Declares Herself ‘F---ing Awesome’ in Relationships: ‘I Would Date Me’
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Avril Lavigne Says She's 'F---ing Awesome' in a Relationship: 'I Would Date Me'

Avril Lavigne knows exactly what she brings to a relationship, and she's not shy about it. The 39-year-old "Complicated" singer shared her thoughts on love and dating during her appearance on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast on May 15. Despite keeping mum on her recent romance with rapper Tyga, Lavigne was candid about her relationship philosophy and self-worth.

"I never really did the dating thing," Lavigne admitted to host Alex Cooper. "I was always, like, in a pretty major relationship." Reflecting on her experiences, she confidently stated, “I’m f---ing awesome when in a relationship. I would date me. I cook, I’m really big into decorating the house, and I have a lot of fun with that.”

When pressed about her current dating status, Lavigne coyly declined to comment. However, she emphasized the importance of compatibility in relationships. "The most important thing is finding someone that you’re compatible with," she said. "Someone trustworthy, because if you don’t have that, you’re never going to feel grounded."

The "Love Sux" singer, who has had her share of relationship ups and downs, shared the biggest lesson she’s learned about love: focusing on herself. After her 2022 album "Love Sux," she realized, "I’m just going to focus on myself. I’m going to move to Malibu, build my own life for me, and I’m not gonna wait for a guy or rely on a guy to do that.”

Lavigne also touched on the difficulties of leaving a relationship. "Change is hard, to have to step out, it requires a lot, and some people can’t see that clearly," she explained. "But if you’re not happy, you’re never gonna be happy. Life is short, and you should just really get out as soon as possible."

Despite past heartaches, Lavigne maintains a positive outlook. "As much as anyone’s ever f---ed me over, which has happened a s--- ton, I’ve always just been the classy bitch and taken the high road."

Looking ahead, Lavigne is excited for her first-ever Greatest Hits tour, kicking off this summer. The tour will feature songs from her forthcoming Greatest Hits album, set to release on June 21. "Tour dates for 2024, baby!" she announced on social media. "I’ll be doing the Greatest Hits from all of my albums along with some of your favorites, perhaps some special requests? And of course, all of my friends are joining me!!!" Supporting acts include All Time Low, Simple Plan, Girlfriends, and Royal & the Serpent.