Big Shoals State Park

About a mile east of White Springs, Florida lies Big Shoals State Park, positioned right on the Suwannee River. Limestone bluffs towering 80 feet above the banks of the Suwannee River create outstanding vistas not found anywhere else in Florida.

Big Shoals State Park
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When you think of Florida bodies of water you probably picture a calm clear spring, or maybe a beach with a few small quiet waves. The Suwannee River however is quite the opposite!

Big Shoals State Park does not have a traditional waterfall, but rather the whitewater rapids of the river. These are the only rapids in Florida to have earned Class III Whitewater status.

For this reason, many people like to take their canoe or kayak for an adrenaline-filled ride down the rapids. This activity however should only be attempted by those with some whitewater rafting experience.

To find the entrance, pass the Little Shoals entrance and turn right at the Big Shoals entrance down a dirt road. From there, you can follow signs for the canoe launch into the park.

While the park itself doesn’t rent out equipment, you can rent from nearby facilities like American Canoe Adventures. If you’re an inexperienced kayaker, you can take group tours that will adequately prepare you for your adventure!