Blac Chyna Celebrates 1 Year of Sobriety: 'Angela White Is Unstoppable'

Blac Chyna reached a new milestone in her sobriety journey.

Blac Chyna Celebrates 1 Year of Sobriety: 'Angela White Is Unstoppable'
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The reality star, who now goes by her birth name, Angela White, 35, recently revealed that Thursday marked her first year of sobriety.

"September 14 , 2023 marks my one-year of sobriety this year taught me a lot about myself," White wrote on Instagram. "I made up my mind on September 14, 2022 that I was done with the alcohol."

White's post included a collection of photos that began with an image in which she received flowers and a balloon from her mom, Tokyo Toni (real name Shalana Jones-Hunter). She followed the sweet photo with pictures of a celebratory cake that read, "Congratulations on your 1 year sobriety Angela Renee White" and included a sobriety chip.

While she confessed in the lengthy post that reaching the milestone was not easy, she vowed to continue practicing sobriety and thanked everyone who had been a part of her journey.

"Angela White is unstoppable, smart, beautiful, brave, a great mother, and a great friend," she declared.

As far as why she chose to make her achievement public, the Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test star wrote that she hoped her story would inspire others who might be "struggling with any addiction."

"I’m hoping that when you see this, this will inspire you if you are struggling with any addiction, just know that you can do it and you are worth it," her message read. "God loves you. It’s so many different apps, and groups that can help you with this journey, and you’re not alone."

After many of White's 17.3 million followers commented on the post, White added in the comment section, "Thank you so much everyone, I appreciate the love and support. ❤️."

Since embarking on her sobriety journey, White has also embraced fitness as part of her lifestyle. She wrote next to a workout video on Instagram last month: "Mind, Body, and Soul all combined there's endless possibilities. Be safe God bless you all."

"I am a human, and that I have feelings, and that I'm a work in progress, and that everything that you see with the naked eye is not always the truth," she said.

“Just by me being open and honest and vulnerable, I've been connected with so many other people,” White explained. Since she left behind her Blac Chyna persona, White said she has received "emails and letters" of support, unlike any she had seen before.