Brasserie Laurel

Brasserie Laurel rejuvenates classic French cuisine with Chef Michael Beltran's modern interpretations, served in a spacious and contemporary setting that balances rich flavors with a sense of current dining trends.

Brasserie Laurel
Food & Drink


Brasserie Laurel stands out with its impressive outdoor patio, lofty ceilings, and abundant seating options, creating the perfect backdrop for a menu that revives forgotten French classics. Chef Michael Beltran masterfully presents these dishes on elegant Bernardaud porcelain, offering a culinary journey back in time with favorites like escargot smothered in garlic butter, foie gras accompanied by a berry gastrique, and a luxurious pairing of lobster and veal sweetbreads. Despite the richness of the cuisine, both the cooking style and the ambience of Brasserie Laurel are infused with a contemporary flair, making the dining experience feel refreshingly modern.