Cafe Roti

Cafe Roti serves Indian and Pakistani fusion cuisine with an Americanized twist! The recipes used at Cafe Roti have been passed through generations providing diners with an authentic and delicious meal!

Cafe Roti
Food & Drink

This is one of the restaurants in Lakeland that serves both lunch and dinner menu with plenty of vegetarian options! If looking for great vegetarian restaurants in Florida try Cafe Roti.

The lunch combo can be either vegetarian, chicken or beef and is served with basmati rice, plain or garlic homemade naan with onion bhajia with your choice of sauces!

For dinner start try an appetizer such as samosa or kebobs or the daily soup of the day. Everything is homemade. For entrees they offer lamb or shrimp in addition to lunch choices. You choose your own sauces for the meal. If in the mood for sweet try Korma, traditional tikki masala for chicken, the vindaloo pairs well with lamb, and the madras is spicy!