Camila Cabello Addresses Speculation About a Romance with Drake — Confirms She 'Messaged Him'

"You know what? I adore that man, I truly do," Cabello shared with Alex Cooper in Wednesday's 'Call Her Daddy' episode.

 Camila Cabello Addresses Speculation About a Romance with Drake — Confirms She 'Messaged Him'
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"First off, it wasn't purely leisure; it involved some work too," she explained, before confessing: "But, you know what? I adore that man, I truly do."

"We all adore him. Recently, the internet was particularly smitten with him," the 29-year-old host responded, alluding to a risqué leaked video that circulated last month, purportedly showing the 37-year-old rapper, as reported by Uproxx.

Cooper pressed further about any romantic ties between Cabello and Drake, eliciting a playful reply from the "Havana" singer: "Have I ever experienced what? An inspiring artistic collaboration with him? It's possible."

Cabello described their trip as a bonding journey among friends.

"I hold him in such high regard, and his work greatly influenced my own album's writing process. I felt he would appreciate my music...So, I messaged him, expressing my desire for him to hear my album, believing he'd genuinely enjoy it. Given our musical tastes often align," she shared.

Their meeting led to Drake expressing his fondness for her album.

"Playing my tracks for Drake was an unbelievably surreal experience," she remarked. "It's one of those moments you never anticipate happening. It felt like a dream. He's incredibly gracious and kind."

Cabello added: "Truly, I must admit, I love him. That aspect has been an enjoyable part of this entire experience."

The ex-Fifth Harmony singer recently cleared her Instagram, hinting at the dawn of a new album phase, as she debuted a platinum hair look and started sharing brooding, new images, likely hinting at upcoming tunes.

Moreover, Cabello recently shared insights about her forthcoming album — her initial release since 2022's Familia, which remains officially unannounced — in a fresh dialogue with Puss Puss, noting, "I view it as a form of reinvention."