Casa Isola Osteria

Right along the Sunset Harbour, the well-known Pubbelly has a new edition from a not-so-new face.

Casa Isola Osteria
Food & Drink

Chef Jose Mendin opened up his first Italian restaurant with the help of chef Santo Agnello, both of who have long stomped around the kitchens of this vetted neighborhood. The name actually reflects the homeliness of the establishment’s roots. The “casa” reflects the sentiment of housing in the old Pubbelly space, and Isola refers to the island Miami, Sicily (Santo’s roots), and Puerto Rico (Jose’s roots). Casa Isola strikes home for any who have dined at The Piefather, Lucali, or Pubbelly itself—it deserves some reverence.

When interviewed about the most exciting bits to come through Casa Isola, both chefs alluded to the pasta, and the menu supports their enthusiasm. One look and you understand the avenue in which true Italian cuisine cruises. Composed of only 5 distinct sections (minus the to-die-for out-of-this-world limited-by-day 8-hour Sunday Sauce), the menu items are transparent and straightforward. That being said, a distinct American Miamian touch has been mixed into the pot for a streamlined marriage. The powerful delivery comes as ‘simplicity performed perfectly’, and these maestros are scientific in their lab.