Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve

Five miles east of Cedar Key, you’ll find some of the darkest skies in the state. At the Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve, you can have one of the clearest views of the night sky.

Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve
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Over 5,000 acres, Cedar Key is home to the rare Florida scrub including a variety of wildlife including the Florida scrub jay, Florida mouse, gopher tortoise, and bald eagle.

When you enter you will drive by countless pine trees, horses, and even cow pastures! As the sun sets behind the scrub trees, the stars come out. The combination of the nature surrounding you makes for a truly amazing experience.

To gain access to the park after hours, you can book a camping site through Reserve America. You can also go to the ranger office and obtain an after-hours permit so you can enter the park to see the night sky.