Charli XCX Confesses Her Latest Album Featured 'Vanilla' Tracks She'd 'Never Play Herself'

Charli XCX is ready to ditch the safety net after her latest album didn't resonate with her own musical tastes.

 Charli XCX Confesses Her Latest Album Featured 'Vanilla' Tracks She'd 'Never Play Herself'
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Charli, at 31, expressed to The Face in a recent interview how she yearns for the days when pop music dared to be bold and unpredictable. "I miss those Paris Hilton pop culture moments. Nowadays, everyone seems too cautious, concerned about the reception of their work and its potential to offend, which really stifles creativity. I'm all for blurring the lines between truth and fiction. Why not?" she reflects. Speaking candidly about her 2022 release, Crash, Charli views it as her effort to conform to mainstream expectations. Despite its success, both in sales and with critics, she's decided she's done with producing music that doesn't challenge the status quo.

Reflecting on Crash, she admits, "There are tracks on there, like 'Yuck,' that I just wouldn't choose to listen to myself. Post-Crash, I realized I'm not cut out for just churning out radio hits. That's simply not me." Charli shares insights into her forthcoming album (tentatively titled XCX6), promising a collection of bold club-pop anthems, a true reflection of her essence as a perennial party enthusiast. This album aims to be a departure from subtlety and aesthetics in art, favoring a more direct, raw approach. "I'm looking for immediacy, for something that feels real, even if it's a bit rough around the edges," she explains.

XCX6 is set to be Charli's most bold and in-your-face project yet. She's bracing for potential backlash, noting, "Some might label me difficult, but there's more to me than that." The album will touch on personal feuds, societal obsessions with 'mean girls,' and Charli's own experiences navigating fame's expectations. Additionally, she plans to delve into the complex emotions surrounding the loss of SOPHIE, the visionary producer, dedicating her explorations in Crash to their shared bond and her personal regrets.

Through her music and public persona, Charli aims to represent authenticity over perfection, embracing her flaws and challenging the conventional role model archetype. "I'm here to be real, not to meet anyone's expectations of what a pop star should be," she asserts, intending to honor SOPHIE's belief in her by continuing to push creative boundaries and explore genuine expression in her work.