Christy Turlington's 2 Kids: All About Grace and Finn

Christy Turlington is a mom of two.

Christy Turlington's 2 Kids: All About Grace and Finn
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The supermodel met her husband, actor and filmmaker Ed Burns, in 2000 at a charity event. The couple wed in June 2003 and welcomed two children together: daughter Grace, 19, and son Finn, 17.

Turlington made a conscious effort to keep her children out of the spotlight when they were young. However, during a May 2014 interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, she opened up about the qualities she embraced throughout motherhood that she hopes to pass down to her children.

“I believe we learn most from examples around us. I hope my actions and the way I choose to live my life teach my children what I value,” she explained. “I think it is vital that my children see as much of the world as possible, as that's how I learned most everything that matters. I trust that an expansive worldview will help them better understand their place in our world.”

Turlington made note of her now over 20-year-long relationship with her husband, adding, “My children are fortunate to have two healthy, passionate people as their parents who love and respect one another as equals.”

During a February 2023 interview with Glamour, Turlington also shared insight about her children, including how Grace and Finn reacted to her life as a supermodel.

"When they were both little, I didn't really model very much,” she said. “I still don't. It’s pretty rare when I do. But my daughter, she knew I went to school, which she thought was hilarious because she would do homework and I would do homework. The fact that I could talk about ‘I have a test tomorrow’ ... she really liked that.

Here's everything to know about Christy Turlington’s two children.

Grace McKenna Burns, 19

Turlington and her husband welcomed their first child, daughter Grace McKenna, on Oct. 23, 2003.

Though Turlington had an otherwise healthy pregnancy with her daughter, she faced a complication with Grace’s birth. Turlington explained in her birth story on Every Mother Counts that her placenta was retained and needed removal. She lost several liters of blood in the procedure and faced postpartum hemorrhaging, crediting her survival to the medical care she received at the birthing center.

Her experience ultimately inspired her to fund and direct the 2010 documentary No Woman, No Cry and start the nonprofit Every Mother Counts.

Grace graduated from New York City's Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School, known as LREI, in June 2022 and has since started college. “So proud of these fierce, smart, funny, curious and engaged women who are committed to doing all they can to manifest the world they want to live in," Turlington captioned a photo of Grace and her classmates wearing black caps and gowns.

Grace has also begun to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in modeling. She made her runway debut in June 2023 at the British Vogue X LuisaViaRoma show in Florence, Italy. Two months prior, the mother-daughter duo appeared in a campaign for Carolina Herrera.

However, despite Turlington's modeling success at a young age, the supermodel did not allow Grace to enter the industry as early as she did.

"I was officially allowed to begin modeling at 18; that was the age my mom always had in mind, and I wouldn’t have it any other way," Grace told HOMMES Magazine. "I remember denying the interest to anyone and everyone because I hadn’t yet told her. However, I’d longed to be 18 for some time."

Grace has documented several other moments in her career on social media, including a slew of covers for Perfect Magazine, MUSE Magazine and POP Magazine.

Turlington congratulated her daughter on her POP Magazine cover in 2022, writing that she couldn’t “take any credit or responsibility” for Grace’s feature, though adding the caveat, “other than having birthed this wonder to the world and given her the family name she carries with its full meaning and representation.”

In addition to her magazine covers, Grace has also appeared in the eighth volume of HOMMEGIRLS and starred in a May 2023 campaign for Minty Mellon.

Over the years, Turlington has penned touching tributes to her daughter on social media, whom she has referred to as her “muse.” To mark her daughter’s 19th birthday in October 2022, Turlington celebrated Grace’s "year of so many exciting firsts," including her first time voting, running the New York City Marathon and half marathon in Tanzania, landing a magazine cover, as well as her “first choice college.”

Turlington also recently reunited with fellow '90s runway icons Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen in May 2023. Christensen pegged the trio’s enduring relationship as a "lifelong friendship," with their meetup also including the their children: Turlington's daughter Grace, Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber and Christensen’s son Mingus Lucien Reedus.

Turlington's second child, son Finn, was born on Feb. 11, 2006. The 17-year-old lives a much more private life than his older sister and is rarely featured on his mother's Instagram account.

In August 2018, however, Turlington shared several snaps from a family vacation to Greece, including a photo of her and Finn on a boat. Alongside the sweet snap, Turlington referred to her son as her “little travel buddy.”

Years later, in August 2022, Finn made another rare public appearance with his family in Greece when the teenager was photographed during a night out in Athens alongside his parents and sister.

Turlington has previously referred to Finn as “pure sunshine” who brings her “so much joy” and is “one of a kind.” To mark his 16th birthday, Turlington shared a photo of the mother-son duo taken when he was an infant. In the caption, she reflected on his birth and motherhood, writing in part, “When I look at you now, son, I still see this little face no matter how much taller than me you have grown.”

“Your open and trusting heart revealed in your eyes and the way you look at me, when I can see them,” she added. “I aspire to be my best self for you, and your big sister, every day. I love you more and more and more. Happy Birthday, sweet Finny Bu.”