Coconut-Infused Rum from Coconut Cartel

In 2012, Miami-born Mike Zighelboim would fly from Miami to El Salvador to visit his father.

Coconut-Infused Rum from Coconut Cartel
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After a hot day on the golf course, a friend gave him a fresh coconut to drink. It was so crisp, refreshing, and delicious that he decided to smuggle a few home in his suitcase. From there, an idea was born: Maybe he could start a business selling these fresh coconuts to hotels for their pool and beach venues. That idea turned into Coconut Cartel, a rum company founded by Miami residents and brother-sister duo Mike and Danielle Zighelboim. Together, they created a riff on the classic Guatemalan sipping rum made with coconut water. It starts off with a reserve selection of the finest single-origin Guatemalan añejo rum watered down with fresh-harvested coconut water, bringing it from cask to bottle strength. A distillery in Guatemala presses the brand's own sugarcane, then ferments, distills, and barrels the rum in American white oak for 4-12 years. From there, regionally grown coconuts known for their mineral content and nutty, sweet, and salty flavor lend their juice for the final touch before bottling.The resulting rum isn't overly sweet, but instead exhibits a uniquely smooth taste that is both delicate and balanced — perfect for solo sipping or mixing into cocktails.