Cole and Dylan Sprouse Open to On-Screen Reunion, But With Conditions — No 'Circus Act'

"It's all about discovering a project that's both cool and captivating," shared the ex-'Riverdale' star on scouting the perfect twin-centric endeavor.

 Cole and Dylan Sprouse Open to On-Screen Reunion, But With Conditions — No 'Circus Act'
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Over a decade since their last joint screen appearance, Cole and Dylan Sprouse are contemplating a cinematic or television reunion, provided the project intriguingly explores their twin dynamic. The Sprouse brothers, both 31, have entertained the notion of collaborating again, provided they find a project that transcends traditional twin tropes, Cole revealed to Men’s Health.

The duo, who rose to fame with Disney Channel’s "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and its sequel, "On Deck," are keen on a reunion but are wary of ventures that reduce their pairing to a gimmick. Cole emphasized the importance of a project that delves into the twin concept with depth and originality, avoiding clichés like synchronized speaking. He critiqued the common portrayal of twins in media as either a novelty act or an opportunity for a single actor to showcase versatility by playing both roles.

Echoing his brother's sentiments in a separate conversation with E! News, Dylan expressed openness to working together but highlighted the scarcity of compelling twin roles. He suggested that creating their own project might be the most viable path to a meaningful collaboration.

Reflecting on "The Suite Life" series' legacy, Cole shared with PEOPLE the profound impact the show has had on its audience, celebrating the nostalgic connection fans continue to harbor for the program. The series, a significant chapter in the Sprouses' own childhoods, remains cherished by viewers of all ages.

Post-"Suite Life," the Sprouses embarked on individual paths, with Cole achieving acclaim on "Riverdale" and Dylan venturing into entrepreneurship and selective acting roles. Their early careers were marked by shared roles, including as Ross Geller’s son on "Friends" and in the film "Big Daddy," before achieving stardom on Disney Channel.

As they mull over their on-screen reunion, the brothers are determined to ensure any project they undertake together not only resonates with audiences but also stands as a testament to their growth as actors and individuals since their days as child stars.