Dionne Warwick Says Music Is Her Secret to Happiness: ‘Music Is a Healing Force’

Dionne Warwick is opening up about her secret to happiness.

Dionne Warwick Says Music Is Her Secret to Happiness: ‘Music Is a Healing Force’
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In a new interview, the five-time Grammy winner revealed that her inspiration continues to come from music and shared that she still gets a huge kick out of life.

“Life always excites me,’ Warwick, 82, told HELLO!.  "Waking up in the morning and listening to music gives me incredible inspiration. I love life! It’s just who I am!"

The legendary singer is a guest vocalist on the new album — Postcards from Brazil, Volume Two — from jazz pianist Todd Hunter. Speaking at Hunter’s release party at Urban Press Winery in Burbank, California, earlier this month, Warwick told the outlet that, "Music is a healing force. I can’t imagine living in a world without music.”

The icon went on to say that music takes people to different places and makes them feel a variety of emotions that reflect the “qualities of life.” 

“I love looking into the audience and seeing smiles, I love when an arm goes around the shoulder, or grabbing each others’ hands or singing with me,” she told HELLO! “That means I am doing something right!" 

Warwick also revealed that she loves Hunter’s album title thanks to its reference to Brazil — a country she called “home”, having previously lived there for 25 years.

“It’s about time,” the singer joked at the time. “I'm thrilled. I really am. I'm very excited about it. I feel so honored to be honored by the Kennedy Center.”

“There's still the Oscar, the Emmy, the Tony, not necessarily that order,” Warwick said.