Discover Fusion Delights at 107 Steak & Bar

Experience a culinary adventure at 107 Steak & Bar—where fusion cuisine meets modern elegance in Miami Doral.

Discover Fusion Delights at 107 Steak & Bar
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Indulge in a unique dining experience at 107 Steak & Bar, located inside the Element Miami Doral hotel. This modern dining space seamlessly blends the vibrant vibes of Wynwood and Brickell with the timeless elegance of the iconic hotel decor, creating a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere.

At 107 Steak & Bar, both Doral tourists and Miami-area locals can enjoy a menu that pairs high-quality ingredients with exclusive steaks from Harris Ranch. Whether you're a fan of classic steaks or looking to explore fusion cuisine, this restaurant offers something for every palate.

The culinary adventure begins with meticulously crafted dishes that showcase the best of both worlds. Enjoy the perfect fusion of flavors and the exceptional quality of steaks, all within a chic and contemporary setting.

Join us at 107 Steak & Bar for an unforgettable meal that combines the best of Miami's dining scene with top-notch service and ambiance.