Emma Roberts Remembers Being Teased for Her Unibrow: 'I Didn't Know What That Was'

Emma Roberts follows her own set of rules when it comes to societal beauty standards.

Emma Roberts Remembers Being Teased for Her Unibrow: 'I Didn't Know What That Was'
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In a recent interview with InStyle, the American Horror Story star, 32, opened up about becoming comfortable with body hair after being teased for having a unibrow as a child.

"It's just so funny because when you're in the moment of a trend with brows or hair, you never know you're in the trend until you're out of it — and then you can't believe it," she said. "But the first thing I remember about my brows, because we all get made fun of for something growing up that sticks with us, was that I was in school and this kid told me I had a unibrow."

While Roberts explained that she doesn't believe that body hair is anything to be ashamed of, she recalled the experience being a memorable moment in her life as she went home and saw her mom feel "so bad" for her.

"And that was when I started to become aware that, 'Wait, you're supposed to get your eyebrows done? What do you mean?' I couldn't have been more than 6 or 7," the Scream Queens actress continued. "So yeah, my brows have really gone on a journey with me."

Roberts shared that she now goes longer without removing hair from her brows and focuses on maintaining them.

"When it comes to face and brows, it's really about how my products are going to be on my face and how my makeup's going to be on my face," shared Roberts. "And when you're in front of the camera, you have to unfortunately be more aware of it. Definitely when I'm not working, I am not necessarily as hard on myself as when I'm working, just because everybody has an opinion."

"In the morning, sometimes there is no routine at this point," she said, adding that, "it's about being quicker."

Roberts shared that she also adopted a similar approach to her style since becoming a mother.

"I just try to keep everything pretty simple," she said. "I noticed that you can immediately transform a casual outfit into a not-so-casual outfit with a pair of hoop earrings. That's a good mom hack, hoop earrings and a red lip and it looks like you really tried."