Esotico Miami

Esotico partner Daniele Dalla Pola loves tiki, from the movement's storied past to its bevy of beverages infused with exotic juices and served in its very own style of glassware.

Esotico Miami
Food & Drink

And to create the perfect Miami oasis, Dalla Pola has traveled the world in search of tiki inspiration for his Miami bar and restaurant. Decorated in glowing pink neon and plenty of greenery and bamboo, it delivers Polynesian pop in spades. And what of the cocktails? Traditional tiki recipes are painstakingly recreated here, prepared with fresh-squeezed juices, specialty rums, and housemade mixes, and served in custom glasses designed by Dalla Pola himself. Sure, you could order Esotico's twists on the mai tai or piña colada, but you'd be missing out on the real stars of the show, like the "Missionary's Downfall," a wildly herbaceous drink that blends brandy and rum with fresh mint. A line of limited-edition mugs lets you take the tiki to go: Try the Elvis-themed chalice with Esotico's "King Ta Moko," a blend of gin, passion fruit, housemade ginger orgeat syrup, and fresh citrus.