Evelyn's (in the Four Seasons Hotel)

Brand new taste in Miami insade Four Seasons.

Evelyn's (in the Four Seasons Hotel)
Food & Drink

Evelyn's, a recent addition to Fort Lauderdale's culinary landscape, promises an unparalleled dining experience with its stellar team of chefs, a menu inspired by the coastal flavors of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine, and breathtaking oceanfront vistas from the Ocean Sun deck of the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences. Named in honor of Evelyn Fortune Lilly Bartlett, the original owner of the historic Bonnet House in the city, this rooftop restaurant, discreetly nestled above Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard, stands out as a hidden gem.

At the helm of Evelyn's culinary offerings is Executive Chef Brandon Salomon, who approaches each dish as a journey of exploration and storytelling. Even the bread selection is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to quality, featuring chewy, stone-fired pitas and a flavorful buckwheat lavash that perfectly complements the house mezze. The menu itself takes diners on a gastronomic voyage through the Mediterranean, offering an array of small plates, soups, salads, wood-smoked skewers, and sophisticated main courses.

While indulging in Evelyn's exquisite offerings, consider enhancing your dining experience with a carefully selected vintage Champagne. However, don't overlook the meticulously crafted cocktail list. A standout choice is the "Rangpur Daiquiri," a contemporary rendition of a classic drink attributed to none other than Evelyn Fortune Bartlett herself. For an extra touch of authenticity, the original recipe is proudly displayed in the shell museum at the Bonnet House. In essence, Evelyn's invites patrons to savor not just delightful dishes but also the rich history and creativity that define the establishment.