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Where Dreams and Flavors Intertwine

 Fabel Miami
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In the pulsating heart of Wynwood, Miami, lies Fabel, a dining sanctuary that pulses with the high energy of summer escapades to the sun-kissed beaches of Mykonos and St. Tropez, all while delivering the exquisite touch of Michelin-level service. Fabel is where old-world glamour meets the vibrant nightlife to redefine the culinary experiences of our era—a place where fantasies unfold and every sense is awakened.

At the core of Fabel's mission is the ambition to transcend the ordinary, offering guests a culinary odyssey unlike any other. Our menu is a homage to the time-honored cuisines of the Mediterranean and Middle East, including Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, and Greece. Each visit invites our guests to embark on a gastronomic voyage, unraveling new flavors and discovering unique combinations with every bite.

The journey doesn't stop at the food; it's elevated by a world-class cocktail program that challenges the limits of presentation and taste. Additionally, our wine selection, curated by Master Sommelier Christopher Miller, features an array of rare and exquisite wines designed to perfectly complement the dining experience.

Fabel embraces a communal dining concept, promoting a "family-style" meal where dishes are meant to be shared among friends and loved ones, enhancing the joy of discovery and togetherness. Our pricing reflects this philosophy, encouraging groups of two or more to partake in a collective culinary adventure. Welcome to Fabel, where every meal is a story waiting to be told.