Florida Renaissance Festival

Of all the festivals in Florida, the Renaissance Festival is the only one to marry history and whimsy. Like its counterparts across the country, this outdoor gathering is set in the 16th century during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I! The festival is set in Quiet Waters Park in Broward County.

Florida Renaissance Festival
Life Style

Over the course of seven weekends in February and March, immerse yourself in a different historical era with fantasy elements like wizards and elves too! Cosplayers are here in full force, and you might even see a Star Trek party “time-traveling” through the event.

Each weekend has a different theme. One weekend boasts swashbucklers and sirens, another has viking warriors! But beware Tudors weekend. Henry the VIII is there, and he doesn’t seem to be too happy with his wife…

Watch interactive demonstrations like jousting safety for horses. The King of the festival has his command an artillery “re-enactment” to remind guests that THEY are the keepers of the peace.

If you’re looking for fun and games, take a spin on medieval rides like the Giant Rocking Horse, the Flying Carousel, and the Hurlinator! Or you could try your hand at events like archery, balloon fencing, or axe throwing.

Afterwards, to cool down, become a “Master or Mistress Drunkard!” Complete the Pub Crawl of Legend and sample the finest beers across five pubs.

There are undoubtedly too many activities to name at the Florida Renaissance Festival, but it is clear to see there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy at this fantasy festival!