For seven decades, Fox's Sherron Inn was Miami's dark bar: a place to drink martinis, canoodle with a secret paramour or forget your troubles with (or without) a buddy.

Food & Drink

 Fox's closed in July 2015, but Lost Boy & Co.'s Chris Hudnall and Randy Alonso have reconstituted the joint as Fox's Lounge. Their loving attention to detail brings instant nostalgia to all who pass through its doors. The martinis are strong, the fried chicken is classic, the bar is as dark and cool as a cave. Walking in, it takes a minute to adjust your eyes to the dimly illuminated palace of cocktails, but there's no adjusting to the precisely crafted drinks, the classic menu, and the friendly banter between you and the new friend you made at the bar. The new Fox's is a welcome and wonderful tribute to old Miami.