Go-Go Fresh Food Cafe

If looking for restaurants in South Beach that serve healthy food head to Go-Go Fresh Food. This restaurant was transformed in 2013 with a new Argentinian owner who wanted homemade empanadas, soups, and salads from recipes that have been passed down from generations before.

Go-Go Fresh Food Cafe
Food & Drink

You must try the empanadas from classic argentinian beef, to a spicy Thai chicken, vegetarian options like spinach and cheese or mushroom and cheese, to meatballs and provolone. There are a ton of options including dessert like nutella and banana or guava and cheese.

All the soups are homemade in small batches and rotate daily like chicken noodle soup. There is a veggie burger plate as well made with chickpeas and lentils.

Also on the menu are salads like Superfoods mini salad, Vitamin K salad, or a Vegan salad. Along with a create your own option.