Grilled Pineapple Rum from South Florida Distillers

COCKTAILS & SPIRITS Ten Locally Crafted Spirits That Are Made For Miami NICOLE DANNA JULY 29, 2022 9:00AM MIA Spirits is housed inside MIA Beer Company in Doral. MIA Spirits is housed inside MIA Beer Company in Doral. Photo by Alex Gutierrez South Florida is home to a growing number of spirits brands that are crafting some truly tropical gins, vodkas, rums, and liqueurs. Love martinis? There's an espresso liqueur for that. Sipping fruit-flavored brandy? There's a distillery that claims it as a specialty. Enjoy coconut-infused libations? Several brands have unique ways of using them for flavoring and even filtering. With the growing number of Florida distilleries over the past several years, the Florida Craft Spirits Association, a membership organization consisting of 44 Florida distilleries, has announced the official launch of the Florida Distillery Trail, a multi-stop distillery tour that traverses the entire Sunshine State. Lucky for us, a growing number of them are right here in South Florida. If you want to map out your own trail, it's easy to do from the comfort of your couch — or by visiting any of the following Florida distillery tasting rooms for some very Miami-inspired offerings. RELATED STORIES The Ten Best Chicken Wings in Miami The Best Restaurants Within Five Minutes of the West Palm Beach Brightline Station Miami Spice 2022: List of Participating Restaurants UPDATED Sponsored Content - Will the United States take down Colombia in the World Baseball Classic? volume_off volume_up Auto (225p) 225p 360p Subtitles Off Subtitles EN Sponsored Content - Will the United States take down Colombia in the World Baseball Classic? 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SUPPORT US ChainBridge Distillery is best known for its fruit brandy. Photo courtesy of ChainBridge Distillery Banana Brandy from ChainBridge Distillery 3500 NE 11th Ave., Oakland Park 954-900-3924 For three years, ChainBridge Distillery owner/distiller Bela Nahori has been crafting some truly noteworthy spirits from his Broward County-based distillery alongside his parents, Bela Nahori Sr. and Agnes. Hailing from the Tokaj wine region that borders Hungary and Slovakia, his specialty is his take on pálinka, an eau de vie style of fruit brandy. In Fort Lauderdale, he offers a unique South Florida twist with a wide range of brandies. Made in small batches, each is distilled from fresh fruit the family hand-washes and processes for several days before it's pressed to extract juices that are mixed with a special European yeast. The mash ferments for two weeks and ages for at least three months before it's hand bottled and labeled, building a body and character that is unique to each fruit sans added sugar or flavorings. To date, Nahori has created a number of iterations including banana, blueberry, apple, pear, basil, and plum — even spirits made from carrot and beet. Keep an eye out for a new release: his first mango brandy aged for a total of three years with one year in bourbon barrels. The tasting room offers samples, cocktails, and a retail shop. Noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Steel Tie Spirits is located in West Palm Beach. Photo courtesy of Steel Tie Spirits Black Rum from Steel Tie Spirits Co. 1615 Clare Ave., West Palm Beach 561-623-0961 When father and son duo Ben and Clint Etheridge began making rum in the summer of 2012, they aimed to create a product for Florida using local ingredients. What began as Black Coral Rum in Riviera Beach has now grown to a full-fledged distillery in West Palm Beach. Today, you can find three iterations of Black Coral, all made using pure molasses from sugar cane crops in Clewiston, Florida. The resulting liquid is aged for six months in new American white oak barrels before being filtered through Florida coconut husk, removing esters in the most natural, sustainable, and Florida way possible. The spiced rum is flavored with real Madagascar vanilla beans, while a black rum gets its dark hue and robust profile with the addition of raw blackstrap molasses, baker’s caramel, and spices like clove and anise. The tasting room offers samples, cocktails, and a retail shop. 2 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. Coconut Cartel's "On the Run" old fashioned cocktail kit Photo courtesy of Coconut Cartel Coconut-Infused Rum from Coconut Cartel In 2012, Miami-born Mike Zighelboim would fly from Miami to El Salvador to visit his father. After a hot day on the golf course, a friend gave him a fresh coconut to drink. It was so crisp, refreshing, and delicious that he decided to smuggle a few home in his suitcase. From there, an idea was born: Maybe he could start a business selling these fresh coconuts to hotels for their pool and beach venues. That idea turned into Coconut Cartel, a rum company founded by Miami residents and brother-sister duo Mike and Danielle Zighelboim. Together, they created a riff on the classic Guatemalan sipping rum made with coconut water. It starts off with a reserve selection of the finest single-origin Guatemalan añejo rum watered down with fresh-harvested coconut water, bringing it from cask to bottle strength. A distillery in Guatemala presses the brand's own sugarcane, then ferments, distills, and barrels the rum in American white oak for 4-12 years. From there, regionally grown coconuts known for their mineral content and nutty, sweet, and salty flavor lend their juice for the final touch before bottling.The resulting rum isn't overly sweet, but instead exhibits a uniquely smooth taste that is both delicate and balanced — perfect for solo sipping or mixing into cocktails. There is no tasting room but bottles can be purchased on the Coconut Cartel website. South Florida Distillers began making their Fwaygo rum in 2014. Photo courtesy of South Florida Distillers Grilled Pineapple Rum from South Florida Distillers 1110 NE Eighth Ave., Fort Lauderdale 954-541-2868 South Florida Distillers founders Avi Aisenberg and Joe Durkin debuted their small-batch spirits operation in 2014, launching with a white rum dubbed Fwaygo.

Grilled Pineapple Rum from South Florida Distillers
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Today, the Fort Lauderdale-based distillery and tasting room also functions as an incubator program, offering contract manufacturing and labeling services for start-up spirits brands. While you can visit the tasting room to sample any of the distillery's in-house spirits, guests can also sign up for the distillery's two hour make-your-own-gin class where attendees can pair up or work solo to craft their own signature gin using a 192-proof vodka made from American wheat that is further distilled during the class, using up to 24 botanicals that range from dried herbs and spices including chamomile, clove, and licorice root to more obscure picks like orris root, rosebuds, and wild cherry bark. Don't leave without a taste of the Grilled Pineapple Fwaygo, which started as a limited batch run and is now a permanent offering flavored with pineapples coated in cinnamon and sugar, grilled over an open flame, and soaked in rum for several months.