Homestead Rodeo

If you’re looking for one of the most western festivals in Florida, turn to the Homestead Rodeo. Put on your cowboy boots and head to the most unique 3-day western sporting event.

Homestead Rodeo
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Run by the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) to ensure the ethical treatment of livestock, you can see all the exciting events of a rodeo! Hold onto the edge of your seat for bull riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, and of course, the clown acts!

Bring children ages 1-12 to compete in the Lil Miss and Mister Homestead Rodeo Contest! The best kids decked out in the finest western attire will be chosen to win sashes, crowns, and of course, belt buckles.

Bands are invited to compete in the Battle of the Bands! But this is a battle of marching bands. Bands of at least 15 in full band uniform are encouraged to perform and compete for a cash prize!

The Rodeo events culminate in a grand parade with floats that showcase entrant’s personal livestock! A grand prize is awarded to the best float, the winners of the Lil Miss and Mister are announced as well as the winning marching band!