"I Will Always Weather With You" – A Multisensory Exhibition by Anne Duk Hee Jordan at The Bass

Dive into a captivating world where art meets climate awareness in Anne Duk Hee Jordan’s first U.S. solo exhibition, showcasing at The Bass until June 23, 2024.


Miami Beach welcomes an extraordinary art experience with the exhibition "I Will Always Weather With You" by Berlin-based artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan. Hosted at The Bass, this immersive display runs from December 4, 2023, to June 23, 2024, inviting visitors to explore weekly from Wednesday to Sunday.

In her debut solo exhibition in the United States, Korean-born artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan utilizes a blend of videos, installations, sound, and kinetic objects to craft an environment that prompts a dialogue between visitors and the dynamic forces of nature. The exhibition reflects on the perseverance of life amidst the growing threats of climate change—a theme particularly poignant in the storm-prone region of South Florida and Miami Beach.

"I Will Always Weather With You" is structured into three zones, each representing different earthly elements: land, water, and air. These spaces are intricately designed to evoke the essence of their respective elements through the use of video projections of ocean currents, meteorological data, and more. Mirrored walls add a layer of depth, creating an infinitely reflecting space that enhances the impact of the video, sculpture, sound, and robotics within.

This multidimensional installation not only showcases Jordan's unique ability to intertwine nature and technology through art but also offers a multisensory experience that allows visitors to literally "step into" weather scenarios, mirroring the unpredictable and often turbulent nature of our climate.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness this impactful exhibition that challenges and expands our understanding of the complex relationship between our environment and technological interventions.