In a recent RHOBH episode, Dorit doubts her marriage with PK, questioning, "Will we be able to stay together?" after feeling undervalued.

In the season 13 finale of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' Dorit Kemsley discussed her relationship with Paul "PK" Kemsley.

 In a recent RHOBH episode, Dorit doubts her marriage with PK, questioning,
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During the RHOBH season 13 finale, Dorit Kemsley reflected on her marriage's hurdles with Paul “PK” Kemsley. The episode, which also delved into Kyle Richards' separation, saw Kemsley at Richards’ white party acknowledging the struggles in her nine-year marriage to the talent manager. The Beverly Beach founder voiced concerns over PK's emotional availability, stating, “My main takeaway is PK and I have a lot of work to do... it feels like he's never gonna take me seriously and be as present as I need him to be when I need him.”

RHOBH Season 13 delved into Dorit and PK Kemsley's marital challenges, from parenting their children, Jagger and Phoenix, to addressing Dorit’s PTSD following a 2021 home invasion. The finale highlighted Dorit’s concerns about PK’s potential for change and the implications for their marriage, questioning, “Maybe he'll never change but, do I have to accept that he won't? Can I? I don't know." Despite PK’s prolonged absence due to a business trip, a title card indicated a hopeful turn with his return after 39 days. However, the episode also noted a growing distance between Dorit and Kyle Richards, with Richards later expressing optimism about the Kemsleys' progress on WWHL. Amidst separation rumors, the couple confirmed their commitment to working through their issues, requesting support and understanding from the public as they focus on their family’s best interests.