Indian River Lagoon

If you’ve never heard of bioluminescence before, it’s essentially when living organisms like plankton produce and emit light! It sounds pretty wild, but if you’ve ever seen fireflies, that’s an example of bioluminescence!

Indian River Lagoon
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In Florida, this natural phenomenon can be rare, but not in Orlando! With Florida Adventurer, you can go on a kayak tour to see it in action. When your paddles hit the water, you’ll see blue lights ripple through the water. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt the organisms!

Bioluminescent kayaking makes the best day-trip from Orlando! Well, it’s really a night-trip. Because the light produced by the organisms is so faint, you’ll have to kayak in the moonlight at night.

Launching from Haulover Canal, just 45 minutes away from downtown Orlando, you’ll coast through the Indian River Lagoon and its waterways. You can take a single kayak or a double for a romantic date night.

We recommend leaving your cameras at home. Bioluminescence is very difficult to photograph unless you have high-grade equipment. Put down the phone and enjoy your 90-minute moonlit kayak tour and the magical ambiance.