Think of Invasive Species as South Florida's most "Florida" brewery.

Food & Drink

While the name is a nod to our state's nonindigenous flora and fauna, it's also an invitation to potential patrons, be they natives or transplants. Stop by for a beer, and you'll do so in a one-of-a-kind taproom — a museum of natural history-meets-urban warehouse space that sports a large array of taxidermy. You'll sip your suds alongside a hardcore local crowd that packs the bar — indoors and out — on any given day. Most important, you'll find a broad beer selection with a menu that covers everything from easy-drinking lagers and hop-bombed IPAs to fruit-infused sours and tropical drink-inspired hard seltzers that go down as easy as Orangina. For all of this we can thank South Floridians and brewers Phil Gillis and Josh Levitt, who teamed up with nearby Laser Wolf cofounders Chris and Jordan Bellus to offer a craft-beer experience that speaks purely to our Sunshine State.