Sometimes the best small towns in Florida also happen to be beach towns as well! That’s the case for Islamorada, found in the always beautiful Florida Keys.

Life Style

Islamorada or “purple island” is located in the Florida Keys! Located 15 minutes from the local airport or just 1.5-hour drive south from Miami.

Spanning 7 miles long, Islamorada is the best small beach town in Florida if you’re looking to fish. The sports fish capital of the world, you have angling opportunities on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. You can find over 500 species of fish here. Peak season is in December through May! 

No trip to Islamorada is complete without a stop at Robbie’s Marina found at MM 77. You can feed tarpon for $2.25 per person, or for the more adventurous you can rent a kayak to visit Indian Key State Park. 

While at Robbie’s try the Hogfish Sandwich at the Hungry Tarpon. Or Chef Michael’s for a more upscale dining experience.  

Theater of the Sea is a great place to get up close to dolphins, sea lions, or take a glass-bottom boat ride. For those looking for an all-inclusive resort, the Cheeca Lodge will provide you with an upscale all-inclusive getaway! 

Located in the 6-block cultural downtown, you will find tons of art galleries. Plan your trip correctly and you can experience Art Walk, one of the best festivals in Florida!