Jamie Foxx's Girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp Is a ‘Total Sweetheart,' Source Says

The actor, 55, first sparked romance rumors with Huckstepp when they were spotted dining with a group at Nobu in Malibu, California, in August.

Jamie Foxx's Girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp Is a ‘Total Sweetheart,' Source Says
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Now, a source says that Foxx "is doing fantastic" after he suffered a medical emergency earlier this year, and adds that his girlfriend is a good match.

"Alyce is a total sweetheart,” the insider says, also noting that Huckstepp “is Australian but has been in the U.S. for a while.”

Earlier this month, Foxx — whose new film The Burial just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and will be out Oct. 13 — and Huckstepp spent time together when they jetted off to Cabo over Labor Day weekend.

During the getaway, the couple walked side by side and held hands in matching sweatsuits and wide-brimmed hats, Page Six reported.

After returning from their vacation, the couple was photographed shopping and sharing a kiss in Los Angeles, according to photos obtained by the outlet.

Though Huckstepp has not stepped out with Foxx at any public events, she did attend the world premiere of his Netflix film Day Shift in August 2022, when she was photographed on the red carpet. (She did not pose with the actor.)

Huckstepp has also shown her support for the Strays star behind the scenes.

Foxx had his girlfriend by his side while filming a BetMGM commercial in July, a source previously told PEOPLE.

An actor who was on the set of the new ad as an extra, told PEOPLE that Foxx and Huckstepp were together on set for at least one of the days of filming.

"They seemed cozy," the insider said.

"[Foxx] had people around, but they weren’t surrounding him or keeping him away from the rest of the set and crew and actors," they added, noting that the Oscar winner was "incredible to work with."

“I just don't think I'm the marrying type,” he wrote, adding that he has “just never been convinced that marriage was a good idea for me.”

He continued, “I've had friends that have great marriages, others not so much. And it never seemed like marriage was necessary to raise my children in a safe and loving atmosphere."