Jason Kelce Addresses Backlash Over His Bagel in Wife's Birthing Video - and Kylie Responds

Jason Kelce stays focused on being positive.

Jason Kelce Addresses Backlash Over His Bagel in Wife's Birthing Video - and Kylie Responds
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"We're all about positive energy. I think I'm used to people criticizing me, so I don't respond that much. Kylie gets a little bit more defensive, especially when people come after my fathering skills," Jason, who shares daughters Bennett Llewellyn, 6 months. Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3, with Kylie tells this week's issue.

"We're just trying to have fun. Online, there's a way to interact like never before because of social media and all these forms of fan engagement. We like to have fun with it."

"We would rather make light of the situation," Kylie adds. "The same way that people thought that the TikTok of Jason during labor was funny. It's just really poking fun at the situation."

"Did I think he should be standing by my bedside, holding my hands and staring at me the whole time? Absolutely not," she cotinues.

Laughing, Kylie adds. "If you could hear the audio on the bagel clip when he's trying to take a really big bite, you can hear me saying, 'Tell me about it. How is it?' Because I was living vicariously through him trying all the bagels."

"We find better energy in the idea of poking fun at it than taking it seriously and getting legitimately defensive," she concludes.

"And it could be worse, she could kill me," Jason jokes.

Jason Kelce and family at training camp

Jason has shown he makes time for his daughters no matter the time of year, being spotted earlier this summer playing with the older pair on the field after training camp.

"@jason.kelce always stays late after practice to play with his daughters ????," they captioned the video, captured by CBS' Jeff Kerr.

While most people found the moment endearing, a few commenters suggested that the center was just passively "playing fetch" with his daughters.

Kylie responded by reposting the video on her Instagram Story. 

"Just say you don't have toddlers," she continued. "If you listen, you can hear him counting. So technically, they are racing."