Joan Collins Reveals Her Surprising Shopping Habits: ‘I Love Target’

Joan Collins may be a timeless fashion and television icon, but she’s not above shopping on a budget.

Joan Collins Reveals Her Surprising Shopping Habits: ‘I Love Target’
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In a new interview with The Sunday Times, he actress, 90, revealed that she’s “not averse to buying things at Target.”

“I love Target,” Collins confessed, before sharing what her most recent purchase at the U.S. retail chain was.

“A leopard-skin bathing suit, which I photographed on Instagram,” she told the outlet, adding that it cost $28. 

“It got so many likes — everybody thought it was Dolce,” the Dynasty star said of the swimsuit.

Joan Collins

Part of her appreciation for buying on a budget might be because she doesn’t get half the fashion freebies someone would assume she does. She denied receiving a plethora of gifts when asked, but did reveal some of the freebies she has collected over the years.

“Oh, when I was doing Dynasty I would go to Paris sometimes, for Dior. I knew [Gianni] Versace very well. Versace gifted me with several beautiful things that I still have,” she shared.

Collins then listed some of the fabulous gifts she received from the Italian fashion house founder.

“A black leather jacket covered in big gold coins. A felt crossover skirt with a huge embroidered dragon on it, which I still have. Several jackets, which I have.”

Reflecting on whether she’s into purging her closet, Collins added, “You know, they say if you have something and you haven’t worn it for a year, get rid of it? I don’t believe in that.”

The Golden Globe winner has previously made her opinions about fashions dos and don’ts quite clear. In 2019, she told Vogue she thought wearing jeans is “tragic.”

“I really hope that people will spend more money on clothes, because nobody dresses up anymore,” she said. “I find that very sad, because it will be the end of women buying elegant clothes in stores. Everybody’s going to end up in jeans and T-shirts, which I think is tragic.”

Elaborating on her opposition to more casual dressing, Collins said, “I hate jeans. I hate them, they’re so unflattering.”

“I’m not keen on T-shirts with logos, either,” she told the outlet. “I like to be comfortable, but I want to be elegant, too. I don’t really fit in with the L.A. lifestyle because everyone’s in T-shirts and jeans, and I don’t like that look.”

Ironically, Collins started her own denim line with businessman Philip Green in the early 1980s. But, as she wrote in an essay for the Daily Mail in 2010, she started the line because “designer jeans were not as common” at the time.