John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

The first undersea park in the United States, John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo boasts over 70 nautical miles of beautiful coral reefs! If Miami’s nightclub scene is getting old, trade-in your boaters and high heels for a snorkel and jump in!

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park
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A Florida National Marine Life Sanctuary, the living, shallow-water coral reefs are alive and vibrant with color. Divers from around the world travel here to experience the area’s extraordinary wildlife. There’s a reason Key Largo is called the “Dive Capital of the World.”

While the park boasts mangroves and tropical hammocks, the reefs are the star attraction. You are permitted to scuba dive and snorkel to get a closer look. If you want to stay dry, rent a glass-bottom boat to see the beauty underneath you!

For a truly unique experience in one of the prettiest state parks in Florida, exploring the underwater worlds of Key Largo is a must! Seeing the shipwrecks and sunken statues beneath the surface is one of the best things to do in Key Largo!