Join The Keepers On Their Acrobatic Journey To Canaan

Join the Keepers on their new show Orientica, a journey of Rebirth, Chaos, Enlightenment and Union.

Join The Keepers On Their Acrobatic Journey To Canaan
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This spring, the Keepers are returning with a new show at a soon-to-be-revealed location in Miami! Experience the metamorphosis of Orientica at this new cabaret-style show as they head on a journey East to redefine the purpose and search of Canaan.

Watch in awe as the life, mind and soul of Orientica transform before your eyes through interpretive aerial performances and a live set. This four-part voyage flows through the stages of Rebirth, Rebirth, Chaos, Enlightenment and, finally, Union. 

Orientica’s brand new show features mind-blowing aerial performances, contortion, and powerhouse vocals among other mesmerizing elements that make up for a totally indulgent and sensuous experience.  

There will also be plenty of refreshments to enjoy prior and during the performance. The experience offers a variety of globally inspired food options and shareable plates as well as an array of specialty cocktails and other drinks to sip on while experiencing Orientica’s wondrous world.

Performances will be taking place this spring, so grab your tickets now to get exclusive access and find out more about the exciting new venue!