Journey to Jungle Island

If you’re looking for adventure attractions in Miami, then look no further than Jungle Island. You don’t have to travel all the way to a zoo to get up close and personal with animals. In this animal sanctuary, there’s something for the whole family.

Journey to Jungle Island
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Jungle Island is Miami’s premier entertainment destination, combining Miami’s landscape with rescued animals from around the world. Over 80 years old, the sanctuary was even featured in the opening credits of Miami Vice!

Evolving from the “Parrot Jungle,” you can see a variety of exotic animals like colorful parrots and pink flamingos. Don’t forget Pinky, the high-wire bicycle-riding cockatoo!

In addition to the avian residents, you can also see unusual flora and fauna. Stroll through the 1.35 miles of shaded trails to see the incredible African sausage tree and even a rare collection of cicadas.

Enjoy animal shows featuring marsupials and birds from around the world. Kids will love the Tree Walk Village over 8 feet high! Then enjoy a spider web climb, a balance beam, and wooden bridges at the Playground.