Jumbo Prawns

Kebaya is a NYC eatery specializing in Peranakan cuisine, an ethnic group made up of folks with mixed Chinese, Malay and Indonesian heritage. It’s from the folks at Fungi Hospitality, who are also behind Laut, one of the first Malaysian restaurants to receive a Michelin star.

Jumbo Prawns
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Whether or not you’re able to get a table at the Flatiron district location, chef Salil Mehta wants you to taste a bit of Kebaya’s Peranakan flavors, so he’s sharing his recipe for jumbo prawns with our readers below.

“This recipe was inspired by a popular snack in Singapore that is usually served alongside beer,” chef Mehta says. “It has a salty and crunchy texture that makes it a great companion when sipping on a cold refreshment like that.” Gleen some technique tricks in the full story.