Katie Holmes Plans to Pass on Fashion Legacy to Daughter Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes, the iconic fashionista of New York City streets, is keeping the fashion legacy alive by saving some of her old outfits for her 18-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Holmes revealed her intention to pass on pieces from her wardrobe to her daughter while acknowledging Suri's unique sense of style.

Katie Holmes Plans to Pass on Fashion Legacy to Daughter Suri Cruise
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While Holmes has saved some items for Suri, she emphasized that her daughter has her own expressions and preferences when it comes to fashion. The mother-daughter duo has been known to share clothing, with Holmes jokingly mentioning that Suri has a tendency to borrow basics from her closet. Despite this, Holmes embraces Suri's individuality and style choices.

Reflecting on her own fashion journey as a mother, Holmes noted how motherhood has influenced her style over the years. From embracing dresses when her child was small to evolving her fashion tastes as Suri grew older, Holmes's style has transitioned through different phases of motherhood.

Holmes, who collaborates with French fashion brand APC, described her style as a blend of classic and vintage influences, influenced by the practicality and comfort demanded by New York City living. She gravitates towards mixing and matching classic pieces with vintage finds, creating outfits that reflect her personal style while remaining practical for city life.

Throughout her style evolution, Holmes encourages self-appreciation and self-expression, advising others to take time to develop different aspects of themselves. She emphasizes the importance of appreciating oneself rather than comparing oneself to others, recognizing that personal style evolves over time.

As Holmes continues to navigate the fashion world, her commitment to self-expression and individuality serves as a guiding principle for both herself and her daughter, ensuring that the fashion legacy is passed on with style and grace.