Kelly Osbourne Admits She 'Went a Little Too Far' with Her Postpartum Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne is opening up about her post-baby weight loss, sharing how she felt after welcoming her first child Sidney in 2022 with Slipknot musician Sid Wilson.

Kelly Osbourne Admits She 'Went a Little Too Far' with Her Postpartum Weight Loss
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As a guest on the podcast Scheananigans, Osbourne was praised by host Scheana Shay for her appearance. Osbourne responded that she had been "on a mission after having the baby to lose all [my] baby weight.”

But the reality star, 38, said that she didn't stop trying to slim down. "Then I was like, 'Well, I lost all the baby weight. Let’s see how far I can go with it. 'And then went a little too far."

While Osbourne has showcased her post-baby body in recent months, she admitted to keeping a low profile during her pregnancy, explaining that she "hid for nine months" to avoid any negative comments.

In fact, Osbourne posted sonogram photos that just showed her face, prompting a critic to ask why. Osbourne reposnded that she didn't want to endure fat-shaming comments.

Osbourne has also recently addressed rumors that she's had Botox, a topic that she revisited in a recent interview with the Daily Mail.

"Now that I’ve lost weight, everybody is criticizing and trying to figure out what it is that I’ve done, and I really just lost some weight," Osbourne told the outlet. She clarified that the shape of her face had changed due to her 85-lb. weight loss.

Despite speculations about her appearance, Osbourne has been open about her weight loss in the past. Im 2020, she openly discussed her gastric sleeve procedure, emphasizing that there's no single "right way" to achieve weight loss.

"The road to happiness is different for everybody. I think that instead of picking apart the journey, they should just be happy that you reached your destination,” Osbourne stated in an interview on Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn. 

In addition to candidly discussing her personal weight struggles on the podcast, Osbourne also delved into the topic of society's unattainable standards for maternity fashion and the transformative impact Rihanna's pregnancy has had on the industry.

“You can wear so many things that weren’t considered appropriate before and then Rihanna changed it for everyone,” Osbourne said. “Also, it made me sad because I didn’t get to show off my pregnancy belly because I literally was a f**cking moose and it was embarrassing.” 

Osbourne's family, including mom Sharon Osbourne and brother Jack Osbourne, have also had their share of discussions about cosmetic procedures. Sharon has been open about her plastic surgeries, and Jack recently remarked that his mom goes in for a "tune-up" every 5,000 miles. Sharon agreed, laughing it off, saying, "That's right. Everybody needs it."