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Kings Dining & Entertainment: Where Culinary Meets Fun

Kings Dining & Entertainment
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Dive into the heart of Kings Miami - Doral, where the art of dining and entertainment blend seamlessly to offer an unforgettable experience. At Kings, the spotlight shines on a restaurant-first philosophy, showcasing an array of spectacular dishes born from a chef-driven, award-winning kitchen. The ambiance harks back to a classic retro vibe, making every visit a journey through time.

Kick off your culinary adventure with crowd-pleasing starters like the mouthwatering Buffalo Wontons or the tantalizing Spicy Honey Sriracha Wings. As the flavors dance on your palate, transition to the crisp freshness of our salads, the signature twist of House Tacos, or the undeniable satisfaction of biting into one of our Juicy Burgers. Complement your meal with a selection from our premium cocktails, delve into decadence with our irresistible desserts, or explore the nuances of a curated rum list and craft beers.

But Kings is more than just a feast for the taste buds. It's an emporium of timeless social gaming, offering Ten Pin Bowling, Billiards, Karaoke, and an electrifying new Arcade. With family-friendly days designed to delight and evenings that transform into an adults-only haven, Kings is the perfect backdrop for making memories. Here, you're invited to eat, drink, play, and score in an environment where every visit is a celebration.