Komodo, in Brickell's financial district, offers a luxurious Pan-Asian dining experience in a chic three-story venue, featuring a blend of classic and innovative dishes, handcrafted cocktails, and unique seating options like elevated birds’ nests, making it an ideal choice for any event.

Food & Drink

Komodo stands as a beacon of high-end allure, offering an ultra-chic ambiance paired with unparalleled Pan-Asian culinary delights. Nestled within the bustling financial hub of Brickell, this towering three-story establishment offers both indoor and outdoor dining experiences, captivating guests with its lavish décor and providing a tranquil retreat amidst the urban frenzy.

The culinary journey at Komodo is an exploration of Asian flavors, where traditional recipes meet innovative gastronomy. Each dish, crafted from the finest ingredients, is a masterpiece of taste and aesthetics, designed to delight the senses. The dining experience is further enhanced by Komodo’s meticulously curated cocktail program, showcased across four grand bars, including the elegant Komodo Lounge located on the upper floor.

Komodo is a versatile venue, perfectly suited for a wide range of events, from private gatherings to romantic dinners. With over 300 seats spread across various settings, including a cozy mezzanine, a verdant garden, and the whimsically designed birds’ nests seating that adds a touch of playful luxury, Komodo creates memorable moments for any occasion, day or night.