Kylie Jenner Takes Fans Through a 'Day in the Life,' Featuring a Gym Session, Luxe Private Jet Ride, and Drinks with Sister Kendall

The mastermind behind Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner, unveiled her daily routine to followers in a fresh TikTok video

 Kylie Jenner Takes Fans Through a 'Day in the Life,' Featuring a Gym Session, Luxe Private Jet Ride, and Drinks with Sister Kendall
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Kylie Jenner is offering a peek into her everyday world.

This Saturday, the 26-year-old mogul behind Kylie Cosmetics turned to TikTok, posting a clip that captures the essence of her day-to-day activities.

Her day kicked off cozily with coffee in bed, followed by a refreshing teeth-brushing session, and then she hit the gym for a morning workout.

Following her workout, she indulged in a shower and pampered her skin with Kylie Skin's vanilla body lotion before heading off to a photo shoot. Upon arrival, she made a playful announcement, "She's here!" and shared a glimpse of her glam routine in a black fluffy robe while applying makeup.

The day unfolded with more excitement as Jenner, along with her sister Kendall, 28, and a friend, jetted off in a private plane. The itinerary also included enjoying shots with friends and car rides to meet up with more companions.

Absent from the day's visual diary were Jenner's children with ex Travis Scott: daughter Stormi, 6, and son Aire, 2. Nevertheless, the reality star frequently provides glimpses into her life with her adorable kids through various social media platforms and other public updates.

In a captivating conversation with Jennifer Lawrence for Interview Magazine, unveiled in November, Jenner shared insights into her daughter's budding interest in cosmetics, mirroring her mother's passion.

Lawrence, aged 33, inquired about how Jenner explains her profession to her children, to which Jenner succinctly replied, "Mommy makes makeup." She further disclosed, "Yesterday, Stormi was tinkering with my makeup. She's quite fond of donning a red lip occasionally."

To which Lawrence enthusiastically responded, "Hell yeah."

Jenner elaborated on the makeup playtime, noting it's all in good fun within the confines of their home. She takes a moment to highlight her personal touch on the products, saying, "I show her my name on the lipstick and tell her, 'This is mommy's lipstick. Your mom's really cool.'"

She also mentioned her son's young age makes it difficult for him to grasp her work activities, but she's been introducing Stormi to another aspect of her empire. "I've started telling Stormi that Mommy makes clothes now. I've got my Khy collection launching, and I've created mini versions of all the pieces from our first drop just for her. I love involving her in everything I do, and I always try to do special things for her," Jenner shared during the conversation.