La Sandwicherie

Since 1988 La Sandwicherie on 14th street has been serving up some of the best lunch sandwiches in South Beach with a French flair. This simple restaurants serves up anything but simple sandwiches using the freshest ingredients with fresh baked bread and their famous vinaigrette!

La Sandwicherie
Food & Drink

To start sandwiches can be ordered on French baguette, Crosissant or wheat Baguette with all the veggies at no cost. Portions are huge and can be shared unless you come very hungry!

From brie, fresh mozzarella or hard boiled egg, to roast beef, ham turkey, a homemade tuna or seafood mix, smoked salmon, pate, French Salami, Turkey with brie or a combo of your choice!

Why not order one of the signature sandwiches likes Tropical, Napoli, SOBE club or the Terminator. For those who are vegan they offer hummus, avocado, or vegan cheese. And also serves salads for those wanting to orgoe the bread